Full Mouth Rehabilitation

At Vitta Dental, Dr. Mehdi Aryan has helped many patients throughout New York City, and the surrounding Murray Hill, Midtown East community, in need of full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Aryan is widely respected by his peers and patients alike for his expertise in full mouth rehabilitation. Call to find out how Vitta Dental can help you.

​Full Mouth Rehabilitation Q & A

What is full mouth rehabilitation?

As the term implies, full mouth rehabilitation involves rebuilding all of the teeth in the mouth. Cavities, root canals, and similar procedures address dental issues in a specific tooth. A full mouth reconstruction, in contrast, addresses problems in multiple teeth, often in many teeth.

What are the benefits of full mouth rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation may address both aesthetic and health issues with your teeth. Combining aesthetic procedures with medical procedures to address any and all issues that affect your oral health can give you a whole new smile that’s both functional and beautiful.

Who can benefit from a full mouth rehabilitation?

Anyone with many dental issues may be a good candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation. When one procedure won’t address all of your oral health problems, a full mouth reconstruction may be appropriate. After your initial consultation, Dr. Aryan can help you decide if this is the right treatment option for you.

What procedures does a full mouth rehabilitation include?

Everyone’s oral health needs are different, so there’s no one list of procedures that are part of every full mouth reconstruction. Instead, Dr. Aryan makes recommendations based on your particular needs. Procedures he might recommend include:

  • Fillings, crowns, or root canals
  • Implants or bridges
  • Veneers or teeth whitening treatments
  • Orthodontics

Dr. Aryan creates a custom treatment strategy designed to improve the look of your smile as well as your oral health.

How long does a full mouth rehabilitation take?

The length of your full mouth reconstruction procedure depends on your specific needs. Some reconstructions require just a couple of treatments, while others involve many advanced procedures.

The procedures included in a full mouth reconstruction aren’t usually all performed on the same day. Spacing the procedure out both gives the mouth time to recover and makes it easier to schedule appointments around other activities and obligations.

Does insurance cover the cost of full mouth rehabilitation?

Most dental insurance plans will cover the full or partial costs of restorative treatments aimed at addressing functional issues or damage like decay or trauma, but cosmetic treatment costs typically are not covered unless they also provide a restorative benefit.

If you’re in need of one or more restorative dental procedures, call Vitta Dental today.

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